Abrasive Wheels

If you use Abrasive Wheel Machinery as a part of your job, it is extremely important for you to be properly trained on how to safely mount and use these machines.

ELB Solution Ltd's Abrasive Wheel e-learning course will train the learner on the safe use if and working practices with Abrasive Wheel machines - any machinery that uses disks and wheels to cut and grind.

Thousands of people each year suffer from different types of injuries caused by the improper usage of Abrasive Wheel  machines or due to the lack of proper knowledge and training. These can easily be minimised if staff handing Abrasive Wheel  machinery would be adequately trained and refreshers courses like this can be provided periodically in order to keep their training up to date. 

This course will discuss the dangers that are involved when you handle Abrasive Wheel machines so that any injury (or death in the worst case scenario) can be prevented. It will teach your staff the safety measures that must be adopted while using abrasive wheels and also train them on how to deal with the situation if someone gets injured while using one. 

This e-learning course should be used to gain the knowledge about the basic principles of usage of Abrasive Wheel  machines or as a refresher course, but it should not replace formal practice training which is essential before anyone is allowed to handle  Abrasive Wheel  machines. 

On completion of the course, you'll receive a personalised certificate. 

Some of the topics covered are :

- Legislation

- Types of Abrasive wheels

- Hazards and safeguards

- Personal Protective Equipment, 

and more.