Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is extremely toxic and can cause a number of health-related issues including cancer. For anyone working in the construction industry, asbestos training is not just beneficial but is also a legal requirement. 

ELB Solutions' Asbestos Awareness E-learning Course is CPD accredited and it will help you and your workers avoid asbestos related risks by creating awareness of not just the control measures and protective equipment, but also by providing training on the methods of risk assessment and the emergency procedures. 

Topics covered in ELB Solutions Ltd's Asbestos Awareness course:

- Risk Assessment of exposure to asbestos

- Control Measures

- Protective Equipment 

- Waste Handling Procedures

- Emergency Procedures

ELB Solutions' Asbestos Awareness Course will ensure you and your employees are protected from asbestos exposure. This CPD accredited E-learning course will demonstrate with examples the areas that have had asbestos so that in case you come across such an area during your work, you can bring it to the notice of the concerned authority. 

It is essential that all the employees are made aware of the policies and procedures that a company has in place regarding asbestos as it is very important to ensure that everyone follows the codes of practices and regulations when it comes to working in areas that might expose someone to asbestos materials. 

This online training course is for general awareness, it doesn't authorise, permit and provide licence to remove or repaid any asbestos. It only helps to educate the learner about the basic principles of asbestos awareness.