Food Safety Training

Topics covered in ELB Solutions Ltd's Food Safety Training course:

- Food Safety Law
- Personal Hygiene
- Cross Contamination
- Cleaning
- Bacteria
- Pest Control

...and much more.

ELB Solution Ltd's Food Safety e-learning course will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge of all the major aspects of food safety to make sure that people eating at your establishment do not suffer from food poisoning. 

Statistics by the Food Standards Agency show that 50 million people suffer from food poisoning every year in the UK. This figure could easily be brought down if all the establishments serving food followed the food safety guidelines. 

In this course we will teach your staff how to deal with food safety - right from the start to the final consumption of the food - implementing a good workflow.

Sections in ELB Solution Ltd's Food Safety e-learning course:

Food Safety Law

The government has passed Food Safety Legislations in order to protect the health of the nation. It is of utmost importance to follow this legislation, not only to make sure that you are compliant, but also to protect the health of the people eating at your establishment. This is not just of ethical importance, but also important from the view of sustainability of your business. 

It is essential that anyone working in the food industry is made familiar with the laws, regulations, and codes of practice and conduct set up for the any organisation involved in the production, processing, distribution, retail, packaging and labelling of food items. 

Personal Hygiene

In this section of the e-learning course, we will deal with personal hygiene which is basically about the standards of dressing and cleanliness. Good personal hygiene is necessary to make sure that we don't just look our best but also prevent any kind of contamination of the food being handled. 

Cross Contamination

Cross Contaminations refers to the unintentional transfer of bacteria from one contaminated food item or surface to other food items. 

Cross Contamination is a big problem in food establishments which is why the knowledge about cross contamination and the ways of preventing is very essential. 


Keeping the kitchen clean using chemical substances is essential but it is equally essential to know the correct way of handling these chemicals. In this section of the e-learning course we will tell you about the different types of chemicals that are available and the ways of using them. This will help you set up an efficient cleaning schedule for your establishment. 


Bacteria are micro sceptic organisms which can either be bad or good for humans. Microorganisms called pathogens cause food poisoning so it is essential to know how to stop them from developing in your food establishment. In this section that is what we will be dealing with.

Pest Control

The last section in this course will talk about ways to stop your establishment from being infested with pests. We will discuss the measures you should implement to achieve this. 

At the end of the Food Safety e-learning course, every learner will be provided with a risk assessment form that they can use at their workplace. 

After the purchased of the course the learning tools can be accessed and used for a full year from the date of purchase. On completion of the training, the learner will be awarded with a certificate of achievement valid for 3 years.