Lone and Remote Workers

Many organisations have staff who work alone or remotely. 

There can be several types of jobs that require the worker to work remotely and away from their other colleagues. For example, it can be an accountant working from home, a door to door stales person, or a driver who does deliveries and drops for the company. 

Lone workers or remote employees are solely responsible for their own safety. As a compliant and responsible employer you must make sure that adequate arrangements are made to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

ELB Solution Ltd's Lone and Remote Workers E-Learning course which includes interactive exercises and informative video presentations will show you exactly how this can be achieved. 

At successful completion of this online training course, you'll receive a certificate of achievement which will be valid for the next 3 years; for the refresher course, the certificates will be valid for one year from completion. 

After purchasing e-learning course, you can access it and complete your training at your convenience within the next one year. 


Often remote workers can find themselves in vulnerable (and sometimes dangerous situation) due to lack of or poor preparation. It is, therefore, very important to make sure that the journey or journeys to be made are well planned and measures are taken to ensure that they can contact you or the office if there is a concerns. 

A few things to consider:

- Staged crashes

Staged crashes are currently a big criminal problem. 

Criminal gangs orchestra crashes by manoeuvre unsuspecting motorists into crashes and then make claims for fake damages to the car and injuries to the passengers against their innocent victim's auto insurance. 

Very often these dishonest drivers target fleet vehicles as they are usually fully insured and the drivers are unlikely to ask too many questions as they do not own the car. 

It is very important to train your staff about what to do in case they find themselves in a staged crash.

Arrival at the work location

On arrival at the destination by car, there are a few things that need to be considered before parking. For example, your employee should try and locate where the security cameras are and park in a secure spot under the surveillance of these. They should also consider whether by time they finish their work, it will be dark outside, if yes, then they should try to find out the most well-lit part of the car park and park there. 

Through our course, your employees will get an idea about all the things they must consider to ensure their safety as well as the safety of the company's equipment, car, or anything else that they have with them at the site. 

Using Public Transport

Even while using public transport a number of things should be decided and planned out before hand to make sure that the journey is as smooth and hassle free for your employee as possible. 

These are only a few out of several things that lone and remote workers need to be made aware of before they are sent to work at remove sites.

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