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Why should you get ISO registered?

  • Qualify for tenders
  • Better management of resources
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Cost saving, reduction of waste, minimise mistakes
  • Maintain International standards
  • Best practices laid out for your staff to follow
  • Better general impression of company
  • Consistent and high quality outcomes
  • Satisfied clients and customers
  • Boost profits

ELB Solutions will do all the hard for you to develop a sound Quality Management System, while you focus on other ares of your business. As external consultants, we will be free of in-house bias and work pressure resulting in more efficiency.

We will start by reporting and analysing your existing business practices and conduct a Gap Analysis. Based on our analysis, we will then chart out the necessary changes and help you implement them.

To make sure that the Quality Management System doesn’t just become a document-generating system, we can help you conduct regular quality auditing.

Benefits of achieving ISO 9001 certification:

Qualify for tenders

Several companies state ISO standards as a requirement in order to submit tenders. An ISO Certification for your company will make sure that you don't miss out on tender opportunities.

Better management of resources

Identifying deficiencies in the systems will ensure that we find ways to address the issues which in turn will result in better management of the resources of your company.

Increase in efficiency and productivity

As we put in guidelines in place for your staff to follow, productivity and efficiency of your teams will vastly increase.

Cost saving, reduction of waste, minimise mistakes

As we zero in on the gaps in your current system, we can point out the areas were changes can be made to save costs and reduce wastes. With a quality model to follow, it would also mean minimisation of mistakes.

Maintain International standards

An ISO certification will establish your position among internationally recognised companies. These standards will not only help you stand out among competitors but also help create a better general impression of your company.

Best practices laid out for your staff to follow resulting in consistent and high quality outcomes

As we lay out the best practices for your company, you can rest assured that the best quality of product and services will now be delivered by your staff.

Satisfied clients and customers

Putting Quality Management Systems in place will ensure that you are providing the very best to your clients and customers, resulting in happy and loyal customer base.

Boost profits

As you submit more tenders and prove the best possible product / services to your customer, the result will be a definite and robust boost to your bottom line and with the regualr audits to maintain the standards, this boost will not be a short term hike to eventually fizzle out but a consistent long term development.

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