Safer Patient Handling

Anyone involved with the movement of people in your organisation requires people handling training. 

The knowledge of proper handling of people and patients with dignity and care is essential in order to reduce the risk of injury both to yourself and the people you are taking care of. This makes people handling training a necessity for healthcare organisations including hospitals, hospices, nursing or care homes,and any other organisations or individuals involved in taking care of people in the community be it in the patient’s home or at social residences. 

If your organisation is involved in handing patients give a solid foundation to your staff with the efficient and interactive People Handling e-course set up by the experts at ELB Solution Ltd. 

Why should you take the course?

Currently musculoskeletal injuries cost the healthcare sector enormous amounts each year. This e-learning course will help you considerably reduce these costs. 

- Reduce costs relating to musculoskeletal injuries which plagues the healthcare sector currently

- Considerably reduction classroom time

- Get visibility of your staff’s progress at each stage of the course 

- Build a solid foundation for your staff for better understanding and quick learning at future practical sessions

- Meet the necessary compliance regulations and ensure a safe environment for yourself, your staff, and the people and patients you take care of. 

Everyone signing up to receive ELB Solution Ltd.'s People Handling online training e-learning course, will be provided with a FREE risk assessment form at the end of the training. The form will help them break down and tackle people and patients handling related issues in 5 simple steps which will come handy to use at your workplace to make you you are following the best practices and reducing risks to a minimum. 

Sections in ELB Solution Ltd.'s People Handling training online course:


As the title suggests, this section will introduce the learner to the course and head-start the course with explanation of the differences between handling animate and inanimate objects. 


Next, the learner will be introduced to the problems in healthcare organisations and the different ways legislation is trying to control these issues.

They will be told about instances of bad and dangerous practises knowing which will help them avoid making similar mistakes. 

Sound knowledge about these things will immensely help to reduce the number of healthcare related injuries.

MHOR (Manual Handling Operations Regulations)

Manual Handling Operations Regulations sets out the duties of an employer to take adequate steps in order to reduce or prevent the risk of injury to employees due to manual handling of loads.

In this section of ELB Solution Ltd.'s People Handling online course, we will explain how the MHOR and the Human Rights Act 1998 exist together.

Introduction to good practices

The trainer in the interactive course will now talk about the controversial handling techniques and describe the good practices. It will help create a sound knowledge of compliance and lead to your employees’ complying to the necessary standards and regulations. 

In this section we will also talk about the new and better equipment they will be expected to use at the workplace. We will clearly illustrate what has been changed from the old techniques and the new techniques that have replaced them. 

Principles of Manual Handling (specific to healthcare environment)

In the last section of ELB Solution Ltd.'s People Handling online training, we will do a recap of the principles taught in the course. It will be especially beneficial to healthcare staff as this section will mainly focus on principles applicable to the healthcare environment

Information about the validity of ELB Solution Ltd's Fire Safety E-learning course:

After purchasing the course, it can be accessed and studied for one year from the date of purchase. The validity of the certificate that you will receive on successful completion of the course will be 3 years.