Slips and Trips

Topics covered in ELB Solutions Ltd's Slips and Trips Training course:

- Introduction
- Background, History and Corresponding Legislation
- Slips and Trips explained
- Environment
- Flooring
- Contamination and Obstacles
- Footwear
- Cleaning
- People
- Risk Assessments
- Carrying Out Risk Assessments

...and much more.

Every environment has potential hazards that can result in injuries from slips and trips. More than one third of all accidents at a workplace are caused by slips and trips which can easily be prevented. 

ELB Solutions Ltd's Slips and Trips E-Learning Course will help train your workforce on the importance of good housekeeping and train them about ways they can make their workplace safer and reduce chances of accidents. 

This training course is not specific to any specific industry so it will be relevant for any organisation that wants to be compliant with the regulations and wants to educate their workforce on the core principles of maintaining a safe workplace. 

Ideal for small and medium sized companies, ELB Solutions Ltd's Slips and Trips E-Learning Course will help you be compliant to the UK regulations that require mandatory slips and trips training of all employees.

This course comes with a FREE '5 steps to risk assessment' form that can be used for your business.