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ELB Solutions will conduct company screenings and help develop Ethical Policy and business principles to set the core values and standards for your company to ensure consistent ethical behaviour and thereby create and maintain a positive public image.

Experienced consultants at ELB Solutions Ltd will help you develop and run a social and ethical business so that you can increase customer satisfaction and speed up development ensuring not just a sustainable business but also long term success. 

Developing a social business will mean reducing boundaries - technical as well as cultural - to improve operational efficiencies and to engage effectively with customers, employees, and communities in which your company operates. Even though in most cases following the relevant laws helps a business make ethical choices, often companies decide to have their own set of standards and core values set out in their Business Principals. 

Getting highest returns for the shareholders by making profits should, of course, remain the most important focus of a business but it shouldn't be achieved at the cost of ethical and moral principles. In the same way as an individual is guided by moral principles, business are guided by similar principles. Businesses should identify what is "right" and what is "wrong" and then do the "right" thing even though the "wrong" option is more convenient to carry out. The scope of this ranges from underpaying employees to illegal usage of copyrighted content. A business should work on a model that is not motivated by profit only but also considers factors like people and planet as well. 

ELB Solutions Ltd will conduct company screenings and help develop a Social and Ethical Policy for your company to lay out a set of business principles based on your core values to uphold the standards of your company. This will ensure consistent social and ethical behaviour and create and maintain a positive public image.

Often when a business is unethical and lacks corporate social responsibility, it loses shareholders and customers alike due to tarnished reputation. Therefore the cost running an unethical business often turns out more expensive than the short-term cost of following principles and regulations and doing the right thing. 

A business with consistent ethical behaviour and substantial involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility creates a good public image which directly links to more trust from stakeholders and customers leading to increase in profit. 

Setting out guidelines for your employees to follow will ensure that their actions and decisions are aligned with your company's core principles creating an ethical company culture.

ELB Solutions Ltd will help you develop a Social and Ethical Policy to make sure every employee in your company is practicing social and ethical responsibilities to benefit the company and everyone else associated with it. 

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